Welcome to Learning Stop where you can catch advice, tips, discussions and resources, so put the kettle on stop, sit down and join in the learning.  Please feel free to ask questions, share hints, tips and resources.

These are my honest views and my own opinions from my experience in education and I hope you find them of some interest. I came to teaching later in life but it was a decision I didn’t regret, even in those tough moments I valued the experience.  Even today I still feel my happiest when I am connecting with children and can see the world through their eyes.

There are lots of websites out there about education, but not many that cater for teachers, parents and children together.  A place to share views, ask questions and develop more of an understanding about each other’s opinions.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and that you will feel you take something useful away from it, and if you feel like getting involved I would be delighted to hear from you – mags@learningstop.co.uk




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