Jan 132016

Children often form bonds with particular teachers and for some children these become important security avenues.  One of the things I had wanted to set up within the school was a mentor system for the children who needed it.  The nearest we came to this was during Bright Start when children were allowed to visit their teacher of choice in her classroom.

I do think that some children relate to specific teachers, just as some teachers relate to specific children.  If a child is going through a difficult time in their life then why not use those bonds they have already formed. It could make a difference to the child being able to open up about a problem or to them just feeling listened to by someone.

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Jan 062016

The Curriculum for Excellence was introduced into Scottish schools a number of years ago, and at that time teachers were concerned about how to measure pupils progress.  This resulted in most schools buying in some form of standardised testing.  Now the Scottish Government is talking about re-introducing National Testing into both Primary and Secondary schools.

Parents are voicing concerns about the pressure that testing puts on children.  An article in the Herald Scotland gives the results of an on-line survey of members of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council.

The National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education

What is your view?

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