Hi I’m Mags and I have been involved in education for most of my life.  At age six I could be found in the playground pretending to be a teacher.  I used to hold classes in my back garden where the neighbouring children would be my pupils. This love of teaching never left me, however, I didn’t manage to actually go to university to train as a teacher until later in life.  I remember the feeling of excitement about being in a classroom for the first time – this was it, I was really going to do this. Then my first feedback from the tutor was “if you smile more and manage to peel yourself off the blackboard you might make a good teacher.”  Well I did just that and never looked back.

I was involved in child-minding, playgroups and worked for the Scottish Pre-school Play Association for a number of years.  I enlisted as a parent helper at my children’s school and it was the Head Teacher there that asked if I had ever thought of becoming a teacher, and from there the rest is history.

People talk about values and I realise that I have pretty strong values in regard to education.  I believe that education should be fun and engaging and delivered by well trained teachers.  I believe that every child should be respected, taught well, cared for, included and allowed to develop in the most suitable and positive way for them.  I dislike when children are put down, excluded, not listened to and not given respect.  I believe all children have potential and it is our duty to find that potential and develop it.  If you can encourage children to be inclusive and show tolerance then you are giving them useful skills for the future.

I completed a four year B.Ed honours course and went on to complete the Scottish Qualification for Headship. Latterly, I completed my Msc. in School Management and Leadership.  I have been a teacher for many years and also held promoted posts of Senior Teacher, Depute Head Teacher, Acting Head Teacher, Head Teacher and finally Collaboration Officer for the local authority.




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