There has been a lot written about attachment and how important this is for a child to feel secure as they move on through life.  For some children however, for various reasons, these bonds are not formed the same.

One of the most valuable things I did as a Head Teacher was to get my Educational Psychologist to do some training about attachment with my support staff.  The feedback from the staff was very positive but it was the way incidents in the playground were dealt with after the training that was remarkable.  Now I had excellent support staff but this training gave them more of an insight into why certain children behaved the way they did.  I found that instead of reacting to the behaviour the could see beyond that to what the child’s needs were.

Secure attachment between a child and their parent or carer can enhance their social and emotional well being in later life. So what are you views? If you want to read more then Dr. Eileen Scott has written a Briefing on Attachment


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