Building a Sukkah



When we were finding out about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot I decided to build a Sukkah in the corner of my classroom.  My husband managed to get me long cardboard tubes (from the inside of large Industrial paper rolls) and I used these to create my basic structure.  The children made stars and leaves which went on top of the Sukkah.  I then hung up flowers and fruit and I have to say the smell in my classroom was wonderful.

The children loved sitting in the Sukkah reading and looking up at the stars in the sky above. Although there were Jewish teachers in the school, no-one had thought of actually building a Sukkah but they did after this.  I feel that  the children could understand the concept better from experiencing it.

We even held the school assembly in my classroom with my class sitting under the Sukkah.  After which we had of feast of all the fruit that we had used to make it.

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