Bullying – what should you do?


It is important that you talk with your child, listen and try to remain calm.  Your child will be anxious enough telling you about this so it will help them if you are supporting them calmly and really listening to what they are telling you.  Find out what has been happening, how often and who is involved and ask how they would like to resolve it.   Sometimes it can be a one off issue that can be quickly resolved.  Many children will not tell their parents if they are being bullied and you may first notice it by changes in their normal behaviour.  Make an appointment with the school to discuss matters and find out what they can do about it.  Reassure your child that they will not be in trouble if you talk to their teacher – many children worry about this and that the bullying will become worse if they say anything.  Throughout the process keep in close contact with the school and involve your child every step of the way.

All schools should have an anti-bullying policy which clearly states the steps that schools will take to resolve these issues.   There are also many places where you can get advice and I have listed links to a few below:-

Experiencing bullying behaviour

Respect me – Scotland’s Anti-Bullying Service

Bullying UK

Good to know – advice for parents and carers of teenagers on bullying

A National Approach to Anti-Bullying for Scotland’s Children and Young People – Scottish Government

Enable Scotland

Internet Safety


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