Dec 092015

Can you remember sitting patiently waiting on your name being called out from the register?  What a waste of good learning time.

We decided to try Bright Start in our school after a teacher had worked in the Nursery and found that the children there came in and self registered before going on to play.  So we trialled it first within her Primary 1 classroom.

When the children came into the classroom they registered on the Smart Board and put up their lunch option.  Then they went to areas within the classroom to do activities.  During this time the teacher could check in with the children.  One of the benefits we found was that when Bright Start ended the children were ready to learn.  For children with difficult home circumstances Bright Start gave them the chance to switch off from home and get ready for the school day.

Bright Start was started in all classes and I feel that it benefited the children to have an active start to their day.  During this time children were allowed to visit their chosen mentor for a check-in.

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