May 262017

How do you release creativity in children? Well one novel way I have witnessed is stone stacking. What is that you ask? Well a gentleman called James Page actually does workshops in schools about this very subject. James is a talented artist who took up stone stacking – years ago and went to Texas this year to compete in the World Stone Stacking Championships.

Stone Stacking brings together the skills of traditional cairn building alongside artistic expression of rock balancing. Stone stacking is an art-form in which rocks are stacked on top of one another to form different shapes without the use of anything other than the rocks and gravity. The workshops involve art and artistic expression and have the ability to improve education and attainment at school for all age groups.

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      “Fantastic pictures! the kids look so animated and eager.  

        Brilliant alternative learning”


Dec 092015


Most of the teachers I have known are fearless, willing to try creative ideas to engage children in their learning.  In my time I have walked through the wardrobe in the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.  I have been frozen in a spell, dressed up as the cat in the hat, worn the school uniform and blacked out my teeth.

In fact I was so successful at disguise that the year I dressed up as an old lady, I had my class believing I was my own grandmother!

What crazy things have you done in the name of education?

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