Dec 112015

As a grandparent do you wonder about how to keep up with your grandchildren and their ability to use technology?

My 21 month old granddaughter was recently shown a paper photograph and immediately tried to scroll it to see the next photo.  She has only been shown photos on mobile phones or tablets.  This made me think about how the younger generation are so used to using technology that they don’t even have to stop to think about it.

Parents and Grandparents might find this article helpful – Family Time with Apps: A Guide to Using Apps with your kids.

Common Sense Media Website has lots of information about apps and games for children.  I liked the following one which describes apps where children can try being a coder, writer, musician, artist or director.

The Modern Kids’ Guide to Crafting, Coding, Composing, and More

and reviews of educational apps and games.

Educational Apps and Games

Most of all it is about spending time with the children whether that is reading a story or getting involved in a game on the tablet.  You can extend their experience by asking questions or getting them to show you how it works.