Do worms matter?


Worm_09           Worm_09         Worm_09           Worm_09          Worm_09

There was my Primary 1 class doing a topic on the garden, we built a wonderful display of a garden with bits in the soil that you could lift up to find out what lived under the earth.  We had a garden hut in the house corner with all the bits and pieces needed to tend to the garden.  Then I had this great idea to make a Wormery so the children could see what happened under the soil.  So far so good – well until the day we had to release the worms outside back into the environment because they wouldn’t have survived in the classroom over the holidays!

Out we all trooped and to a big fan fair I opened the Wormery and set all the worms free.  Well the hysteria that followed as the worms buried their way back into the ground was incredible.  Try consoling twenty five Primary 1 children who wanted to dig up the playground to get their friends back!  A lesson learned by the teacher that day was next time release them after the class has gone home!

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