Granny said I could!




The picture of the sweet little Granny with the endless supply of cookies and hugs.  Yes I never run out of hugs but cookies are for special treats only.  I try to follow the rules set by the parents for both discipline and food.  I find that this makes life easier for me and my grandchildren.  If I can keep to the same routine that they have at home then they are more secure when they stay with me.

I still love it when my grandchildren give me spontaneous hugs and that is something I will never tire of.  It is wonderful to be accepted by this little person or to see the delight in their little faces when you welcome them at the door.

So what type of Grandparent are you? Yes I do spoil my grandchildren when I can but I love entering in to their world of make believe and often find myself playing batman or star wars whilst building a house for the dolls.  There is nothing nicer than hearing your grandchild shout come play with me Gran as if it is the most natural thing in the world.

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