First day at school


A child’s first day at school is a huge event for both the child and their parents.   The best way to support your child is to be positive and not let your own feelings of apprehension effect your child.  If you have encouraged your child to be independent and they have been to nursery then they should adapt to school life quickly.

The first day at school can be traumatic for parents but it is best not to pass this on to your child.  I have seen parents hang about saying goodbye so many times until their child gets upset rather than being firm and leaving quickly.  Remember they have been used to being left at nursery so establish the same routine for school. You will have had the opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher beforehand and can pass on any relevant information at this point. Always make sure the school has your updated contact details in case of an emergency.

Encourage your child to discuss his or her day when you collect them but be prepared that most children will say they did nothing at school! Rest assured that they will have completed many different tasks throughout the day.

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