So here I am in the biggest life moment you could have – retired! Do I miss school? Of course I do, I miss the staff, pupils and general school life.  Do I have time to sit around now I am retired – what are you crazy! Of course not my days are magically filled with numerous other things.  Grandchildren are a blessing and keep me on my toes and I also get to spend time on my photography.

What have I learned since retiring?

  • It is not the end of your life it’s the start of a new chapter – enjoy
  • School still has the same problems and more – that’s what helped you make the decision to retire
  • Stress is a thing I used to worry about – not any more
  • No need for a notepad at the side of my bed to record my 2 a.m. thoughts
  • Grandchildren keep you young
  • I’m still interested in education – just in a different way now
  • My achievements still count
  • During my career I made a difference in many children’s lives
  • I encouraged my staff to develop their strengths
  • To be proud of my career and achievements
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