Behaviour management


It is important to establish the rules right from the beginning.  Be clear about what type of teacher you wish to be.  A loud teacher will have a noisy class.  Try using the tone of your voice instead to control your class.   Do not be afraid to wait for silence because if you talk whilst the children are still talking then you will always have to talk over them.  Remember to raise your expectations because the children will always rise to meet them.

Do not try to be their friend – you are their teacher.  Start the year being very firm and once they have met your expectations then you can relax and enjoy some fun because you can get that control back quickly.

Show your children respect and they will give you respect back.  Remember that all children come from different backgrounds and maybe some have not been shown respect before.

I used to tell my teachers that teaching is like acting, you may be shaking inside but if you display confidence (even if you don’t feel it) the children will believe it.    We all get off days so this is a handy tip for when these happen – act it even if you don’t feel it.

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